June 23, 2006
2006 NHL Draft Prospect Profiles: Collegians

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Inside College Hockey's coverage of the 2006 National Hockey League Entry Draft in Vancouver continues with a look at some of the best draft-eligible college players.

You know where the various independent scouting services have ranked these prospects. In addition to the Central Scouting Service comments on each prospect, we offer "Scout's Take," Inside College Hockey's exclusive evaluation of the player from one or more NHL scouts. Scouts were granted anonymity in exchange for their candor.

Players are listed in order of their final CSS ranking.

6-1 | 195 lbs.
North Dakota
Winnipeg, Manitoba

2005-06 Statistics: 34 GP, 22-17—39

Central Scouting Service Rank: 3rd among North American skaters

CSS says: “Possesses excellent acceleration, agility, quickness and is an extremely smart player who is versatile and has played both wing and center equally well ... has very good poise and patience with the puck ... dangerous shot with a quick release ... very good on faceoffs ... closes off the passing lanes and causes turnovers when forechecking and is dangerous in shorthanded situations ... consistent hard working player who leads by example ... responsible defensively."

Scout's Take: “What's interesting about him is that he should still be in high school, but he played very well in college. He's a hard worker a very hard worker and you can see it in his game. He made the Canadian World Junior team as a 17-year-old and played well for them, and his numbers picked up a lot after World Juniors.”


6-0 | 189 lbs.
Madison, Wis.

2005-06 Statistics: 34 GP, 14-28—42

Central Scouting Service Rank: 5th among North American skaters

CSS says: “Very fast, quick skater who often surprises opponents with an extra gear ... can carry the puck and separate himself from pursuers in an instant and can turn an opponent inside out one-on-one ... can beat a goaltender many ways and is an excellent passer and play-maker who can find his man in traffic or open ice with ease ... wants the puck when the game is on the line and does not shy away from the cornersand along the boards."

Scout's Take: “He’s a goal scorer. He's a pretty dynamic offensive player. Obviously, he skates well and has good skills. He's dangerous offensively and always has been, even when he's played against older players. He was very productive this year as a freshman at Minnesota.”


6-3 | 202 lbs.

Livonia, Mich.

2005-06 Statistics: 39 GP, 0-10—10

Central Scouting Service Rank: 20th among North American skaters

CSS says: “Good skater with a smooth stride ... makes a
crisp first pass and likes to make long passes though he is not an offensive-minded defenseman ... has a long reach which he uses effectively and plays a solid positional game
making good decisions ... effective shot blocker ... plays hard every night with an aggressive game and at times can dominate physically ... always gives a solid effort home or away ... durable player with good stamina.”

Scout’s take: “He's a defensive defenseman, but don't overlook his offensive capabilities. He'll skate with the puck if he has to, has a good wrist shot and is pretty good at deciding when to pinch to keep the puck in the offensive zone. In his own end, he's positionally sound and uses his size well."


6-7 | 208 lbs.

Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec

2005-06 Statistics: 23 GP, 0-5—5

Central Scouting Service Rank: 61st among North American skaters

CSS says: “Good lateral mobility ... straight-away speed is very good due to his long stride ... makes a sharp and accurate first pass ... good instincts ... very good hockey sense and has a good feel for the game ... competes well and has grown more comfortable and confident as responsibility and playing time have increased ... could become an imposing physical presence once he adds
weight and strength ... defensive zone coverage is getting better, but needs to take more advantage of his long reach."

Scout’s take: “He's got a lot of room to grow, and not just physically. He needs to put on weight and get stronger, but he just turned 18 in April and only played 23 games last year. He's got a pretty good fell for the game, however, and he works hard. Considering he went to Maine without playing junior hockey (he jumped to the Black Bears from midgets), he's got a pretty bright future in front of him.”


6-1 | 150 lbs.

Chesterfield, Mich.

2005-06 Statistics: 20 GP, 14-5-1, 2.02 GAA, .928 sv%

Central Scouting Service Rank: 3rd among North American goalies

CSS says: "Very good balance and lateral movements in the butterfly position, always staying square to the shooter with good body control ... has very good foot and pad quickness ... has a quick glove hand ... quick to get his paddle down on wrap around attempts and scramble
situations ... he’s aggressive and likes to challenge the
shooters at the top of the crease ... quick in both reactions and recovery ... technically sound and plays with lots of intensity.”

Scout’s take: “He's a good skater and a good athlete. He's 6-1, so he covers the net pretty well and he plays the angles well. His quickness is also a positive. One thing that's impressive is that even though he split time with [Charlie Effinger] he was always prepared mentally and stayed focused.”