June 21, 2007
2007 NHL Draft: Prospect Previews — Part Two

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Prospect Preview: Part I

Inside College Hockey's coverage of the 2007 National Hockey League Entry Draft in Columbus continues with a look at some of the best current collegians and incoming freshmen eligible for Saturday's draft. Rather than focus on this year's big names — consensus first-round picks like Turris, van Riemsdyk, and Petrecki — we opted to highlight players whose draft fortunes aren't as clearly defined.

You know where the various independent scouting services have ranked these prospects. In addition to the Central Scouting Service comments on each prospect, we offer "Scout's Take," Inside College Hockey's exclusive evaluation of the player from one or more NHL scouts. Scouts were granted anonymity in exchange for their candor.

Players are listed in order of their final CSS ranking.

6-3 | 195 lbs.
Westminster Prep
Boston College
Recruit (2008)
Simsbury, Conn.

2006-07 Statistics: 25 GP, 8-12—20

Central Scouting Service Rank: 12th among North American skaters

CSS Says: "A stay-at-home defenseman with good lateral mobility and quickness ... skates the puck quickly into open areas to expand his passing options ... has a strong shot from the point and is effective running a power-play ... can be physical in the defensive zone and in front-net coverage ... very focused on his defensive game, but needs to realize his offensive skill and contribute more ... needs to increase his tempo and play with more urgency."

Scout's Take: "Opinions are all over the place on this guy, but some team will probably take him [in the first round] because he could blossom into a top-flight defenseman over time. He skates well for a kid his size, he's smart with the puck, and has a good point shot. He hasn't really figured out how to fully use his size to his advantage yet — when he does, look out."


6-2 | 200 lbs.
Lincoln (USHL)
Boston University Recruit

Radnor, Pa.

2006-07 Statistics: 53 GP, 13-47—60

Central Scouting Service Rank: 25th among North American skaters

CSS Says: “A skilled offensive defenseman ... has good puck skills and a good shot from the point ... makes good passes and sees the ice well ... needs to improve his defensive positioning and the consistency of his work ethic."

Scout's Take: "You look at his numbers and you know he's a player with great offensive skills — a good passer, a heavy shot — and he's got good size. His work in his own end is what drags him down, though. It's not like he's a liability on defense, but sometimes you wonder if the focus and attention to detail is there."


6-2 | 172 lbs.

Calgary, Alberta

2006-07 Statistics: 29 GP, 11-13—24

Central Scouting Service Rank: 31st among North American skaters

CSS Says: "A shifty skater with very good puck skills ... has soft hands and completes difficult passes through traffic ... has a quick stick along the boards and a quick release shot ... anticipates the play well and is determined when pursuing the puck ... needs to add strength and size to his frame ... needs to improve his acceleration.”

Scout’s Take: "He had a good year for Dartmouth. He's obviously very skilled offensively, but he's also a smart player, too. As he fills into his frame and gets stronger, he'll use his size to his advantage, but it's not like he shied away from contact. One of the big questions for him is, where will he play next season?"


6-0 | 161 lbs.
Deerfield Prep
Harvard Recruit (2008)

Beaconsfield, Quebec

2006-07 Statistics: N/A

Central Scouting Service Rank: 55th among North American skaters

CSS Says: "A skilled forward with an aggressive style ... works hard in all zones and can deliver a big hit to separate an opponent from the puck ... has a good shot with a quick release ... can beat opponent one-on-one with his good puck handling ... needs to be more consistent around the net."

Scout’s Take: "He's stated in no uncertain terms that he's not interested in playing major junior, so [the team that] drafts him will have time for him to develop. He's fast, but he's also quick — it doesn't take him long to get to top speed. He'll have to get bigger, because he's pretty thin right now, but he doesn't shy away from contact."


6-2 | 207 lbs.
Sioux Falls (USHL)
North Dakota

Mirimachi, New Brunswick

2006-07 Statistics: 24 GP, 11-13—24

Central Scouting Service Rank: 57th among North American skaters.

CSS Says: "A power forward ... has good puck protection skills ... plays physical and drives hard to the net ... is a good positional player ... needs to improve his acceleration and mobility ... needs to be more consistent with his effort."

Scout’s Take: "He really came on toward the end of the season. He's tenacious on both ends of the ice, loves the physical game, backchecks like a madman, and is a solid penalty killer ... never takes a shift off. Even though he's got good hands, he's not a great finisher. Whether he'll become a top-flight power forward remains to be seen, but at worst he'll end up as a reliable two-way player."


6-1 | 175 lbs.
Salmon Arm (BCHL)

Kamloops, British Columbia

2006-07 Statistics: 55 GP, 38-45—83

Central Scouting Service Rank: 64th among North American skaters.

CSS says: "A skilled forward ... a shifty center with good skating ability ... handles the puck with ease and is smart positionally ... needs to be more consistent through 60 minutes ... needs to improve his ability to get in to good scoring position."

Scout’s Take: "He doesn't really have any glaring holes in his game other than his size. Good skater, good passer, great vision — he's very creative with the puck — and he doesn't mind grinding when he has to. He's also reliable in his own end."


6-1 | 170 lbs.
St. Michael's (OPJHL)

Toronto, Ontario

2006-07 Statistics: 39 GP, 12-24—36

Central Scouting Service Rank: 68th among North American skaters.

CSS Says: "A skilled defenseman with good puck skills ... has good mobility and a good skating stride ... able to join the rush well and is creative with the puck ... needs to make better decisions with the puck and move it quicker ... needs to improve the consistency of his physical play."

Scout’s Take: "Physically, he'll be fine because he's young and will fill out. He used to be a little more eager to join the rush and take chances when they weren't there, but this season he minded his responsibilities in his own end. He certainly matured in terms of his decision making, and he earns bonus points for recognizing his weaknesses and working to correct them."