Famous Former College Hockey Players

Most NHL fans know some of the all-time greats in college hockey, but you might be surprised at the depth and talent of the players colleges have sent to the NHL.

Consider, for example, a possible all-star team of former college players:

Goalie: Ken Dryden, Cornell
Defense: Chris Chelios, Wisconsin
Defense: Rod Langway, New Hampshire
Forward: Paul Kariya, Maine
Forward: Joe Mullen, Boston College
Forward: Adam Oates, Rensselaer

Or, just taking active players (active being a relative term given the labor environment), you could have:

Goalie: Ed Belfour, North Dakota
Defense: Rob Blake, Bowling Green
Defense: Jordan Leopold, Minnesota
Forward: Chris Drury, Boston University
Forward: Brendan Morrison, Michigan
Forward: Martin St. Louis, Vermont

Right there, that's 12 players from 12 schools, and we could rattle off dozens more names we considered.

We've had college hockey players go on to success off the ice as well. Princeton's David E. Kelley, for example, has filled his television shows and movies like L.A. Law and Mystery, Alaska with references to his Tiger playing days. John Kerry played hockey at Yale, although not on the varsity. Then there's Harvard alum Bob Goodenow ... and you probably know all too well about him.

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