Best Post-Game Destinations

You may have noticed our tagline: "Just trying to capture the spirit of the thing." In college hockey, there's plenty of spirit in the rink, but there's a social element that's not to be missed.

Here are some places where you can enjoy that spirit – and some spirits – after a game:

The Dugout, Boston: Even a blizzard can't keep BU fans from The Dugout; famously, it was where the Terriers went to ride out the Blizzard of '78 after the Beanpot.

The Golden Bee, Colorado Springs: Pay a visit to the Broadmoor, the cradle of NCAA hockey, which is home to the Golden Bee. If you're like us, it might be the only place at the Broadmoor where you can afford anything.

Crunchy's, East Lansing: People often complain that the Munn crowd is quiet. Maybe they're saving up to sing some karaoke over a Crunchy burger after the game.

Dog Sled Saloon, Fairbanks: Located inside the Captain Bartlett Inn, where visiting teams usually stay when playing the Nanooks. If you're staying at the Bartlett and it's too cold to venture outside, consider it a blessing.

Nitty Gritty, Madison: There are so many faves in Madison, but the Nitty Gritty offers fantastic pre- and post-game fare with a good hockey crowd.

Dunbar's, Ithaca: It's not known for food, but it is known as a place where you can meet Joe Nieuwendyk and the Stanley Cup. Nothing wrong with that.

Stub & Herb's, Minneapolis: Stubs is run by members of the Gopher Blueline Club and features countless photos of former Gopher greats. Bonus points to anyone who can find the one hockey photo of a non-Gopher (hint: it's a color shot of Shjon Podein when he was at Minnesota Duluth).

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