Top College Rivalries

One of the things we love about college hockey is that with fewer than 40 regular-season games, every outing matters. But a few matchups ratchet up the intensity level:

Boston College vs. Boston University: Nothing in Boston sports divides the populace like a BC-BU game, at least dating back to the Jim Rice-Fred Lynn debates of 1975.

Colorado College vs. Denver: These guys battle over a trophy called the Gold Pan, although Denver – perhaps overwhelmed with hardware after claiming the national title last year – claims it misplaced the prize. That won’t go over well with CC, but that’s par for the course with these two teams.

Michigan vs. Michigan State: More than 74,000 people watched these teams play in the Cold War at Spartan Stadium in 2001. It sounds like there’s roughly that many in the building when they meet at Michigan’s Yost Ice Arena, MSU’s Munn Ice Arena, or Joe Louis Arena.

Minnesota vs. Wisconsin: Like any rivalry, this one has had its ebb and flow, but both programs are up right now. That makes these Border Battles particularly appealing.

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