February 17, 2003
Ten signs that you've seen too much college hockey this year

1. While using convenience store microwave, you warn customers that there is one minute remaining in your burrito.

2. Instead of pointing out mistake to waitress on lunch tab, you stand up, point and shout "You just sucked!"

3. You ignore "Code Orange" alerts, thinking they refer to an upcoming game against Princeton.

4. You installed a goal judge’s light in your bedroom.

5. On your 2003 income tax form, you list Doug Woog as a dependant.

6. Boss says he appreciates your enthusiasm, but there's no need to "ride the bull" after landing the Acme account.

7. You take words like “paradise” and pronounce them “para-dee-zee.”

8. When the Bachelorette doesn’t give a guy a rose, you refer to him as a healthy scratch.

9. Your day-by-day calendar consists of post-it notes counting down to April 9, when you arrive in Buffalo.

10. You can recite, off the top of your head, the locations of Quinnipiac, Ferris State and Minnesota State, Mankato (okay, that last one’s a gimme).

Editor's Note: Inside College Hockey does not intend to imply that one can actually watch too much college hockey.

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