October 20, 2003
Fourteen classic but defunct college hockey eateries

• Kaufman's, Bowling Green – We were saddened to learn of this eatery's demise from Falcon hockey's esteemed beat writer, Kevin Gordon. Now where will CCHA fans go to get top-notch clam chowder?

• Benjamin's, Durham – It’s technically not defunct, although a fire has put Benjamin’s on the injured reserve for now.

• Bilbo's, East Lansing – Post-game pizza at Bilbo’s was an East Lansing tradition. Unfortunately it’s been sold and transformed into the ultra-hip “Troppo”. The owners were probably losing money because they put too much booze in their Long Island Iced Teas.

• Casey McNab's, Big Rapids – How good was this place, located near Ewigleben Arena? We know of one Friend of INCH who would head up early to grab dinner there, then return to write his post-game story, filing through the establishment's pay phone.

• Challenge's, Providence – A few of us discovered Challenge’s on the Friday night of the 2000 Frozen Four. Sadly, it has gone the way of Steve Reinprecht's Hobey chances.

• Dixie Kitchen, Boston – A little bit of New Orleans, right by Northeastern.

• The Fabulous Westward Ho Lounge, Grand Forks – The Ho was one of the only true college hockey bars in the nation. Every WCHA team's sweater hung from the ceiling, and Gino Gasparini's postgame call-in show was broadcast live from the big round table in the corner. They even had blackjack tables in the back ($2 maximum bet).

• Galligan's, Detroit – Once the best gathering place for college hockey fans in Motown, perhaps it felt out of place in the neighborhood – so it closed its doors and boarded up the windows.

• J.D. Beamers, St. Cloud – In a town that takes its pub-going as seriously as St. Cloud, being named after just one kind of alcohol wasn't enough for this friendly neighborhood tavern, just a few blocks from the National Hockey Center. A popular place until the end, Beamers fell victim to a street-widening project two summers ago.

• Nemo's Pizza, Boston – Disappeared along with half of Kenmore Square. We’ll also miss the IHOP, although that was a little less distinctive.

• Spat's, Providence – This Thayer Street spot near Brown was a great spot for pitchers of beer and fantastic pub food.

• The Sports Depot, Boston – While its location in Allston wasn’t terribly convenient for a pre- or post-game meal, it was a terrific place to watch out-of-town games on the dish.

• Station 19, Minneapolis – To be honest, we're not even sure they served food at Station 19. And the crowds there tended to be hit or miss; you never knew what you'd see on a given night. But it was the closest establishment for Gopher fans looking to get, ahem, well-lubricated prior to or after a game.

• The Warehouse Bar, Duluth – A (cheap) good time was had by all at this converted warehouse, situated about 20 yards from the shore of Lake Superior. On Quarter Taps night, every Monday, $2 would get eight beers. Bring a fiver and you could buy a round for your entire intramural team.

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