November 17, 2003
Ten differences between the Cold War and the Heritage Classic

Cold War didn't wreak havoc with Edmonton Eskimos' Grey Cup celebration.

• No Michigan guys held out of Cold War, complaining about their contract situation.

• Cold War fans didn't sit through a freezing cold stoppage whenever anybody made a two-line pass.

• Don Cherry wasn't at Cold War wondering if European players could stand up to the elements.

• Edmontonians aren't praying for cold front to move through to ensure playable ice conditions.

• Raccoons rarely seen in Commonwealth Stadium press box.

• Ex-Spartans and Wolverines couldn't hold a pre-game old-timer's game because they were busy playing for NHL teams, not owning them.

• No one in Cold War spent previous season as teammates in Hamilton.

• Michigan and Michigan State athletic programs both have deeper pockets than Edmonton Oilers.

• Sadly, the Cold War wasn't sponsored by Molson.

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