December 15, 2003
Ten of college hockey's "Real Men of Genius"

• Mr. Perfect Figure 8 Zamboni Driver

Mr. Yells "Shoot!" Every Time The Puck Goes To The Point On The Power Play

• Ms. Scantily Clad Coed Sitting at the Glass Behind the Home Bench

• Mr. Even Up Those Power Plays Official

• Upper Deck Guy Who Protests Offside Call Made 300 Yards Away

• Mr. Message Board Conspiracy Theorist

• Mr. Leave School Early with Nowhere To Go in Hopes that Vancouver Will Sign You

• Guy Who Holds A Five-Year Grudge About "No-Call" at NCAA Regional

• Mr. Overly Unsportsmanlike Dive Taker

• The "We Didn't Get Beat, We Beat Ourselves" Coach

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