February 9, 2004
Ten historical innacuracies you may see in the movie "Miracle"

• After scoring the winner against the Russians, Eruzione didn't actually say, "I'm goin' to Disney World!"

Jack O'Callahan and Rob McClanahan never fought during training camp. They had a rock, paper, scissors competition, best two out of three, to determine whether Minnesota or Boston University was better.

• The Team USA assistant coach was Craig Patrick, not a hobbit named Frodo.

• As far as we know, choreographed tribute to "Oklahoma" never really took place in team locker room.

• US team members didn't assemble on dais at medal ceremony wearing togas.

• The movie ended before the team's trip over to Tehran, where they freed the hostages.

• Al Michaels never referred to the USSR game as "The Attack of the Clones."

• There was no "Dukes of Hazzard"-style chase featuring US and Sweden team buses on outskirts of Lake Placid.

• The team dinner the night before they played the Russians wasn't at the Olive Garden.

• Before the Finland game, Herb Brooks actually told the players that if they lost, they "might regret it for a while."

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