March 22, 2004
Seventeen tournament-inspired haikus

Sweet 16 on ice
Better because you won't hear
"Score the basketball"

Boston College
Issue number one
was always the captain's knee
Now it's Matti K.

Colorado is
the Pioneers' happy place;
Same team: bad at home

Star-studded roster
Makes Harvard play with the strength
of Ten Thousand Men

Holy Cross
Tell us this, Paul Pearl
Is coaching the Crusaders
Better than prep school?

You can't win if you
can't score. Maine motto, and that
of their opponents

NCAA woes
Can't spell Oxford without "O"
Zero tourney wins

Wolves in 'Cats' backyard
Kind of hurts, doesn't it, when
shoe on other foot?

Michigan State
MSU attack
Like guy in singles bar; both
rely on one line

Gophers seek third straight
Is championship secret
In Lucia's hair?

Minnesota Duluth
Overtime games are
Bulldog tourney tradition
So? INCH deadline-free!

New Hampshire
Is playing near home
the key to their first title?
The odds say: maybe

Attention BC
Purple Eagles no gimme
See: NH 2K

North Dakota
North Dakota Sioux
Love your forwards and your D
Goalies? Whatever

Notre Dame
Welcome to the club
Dave Poulin and the Irish
Draw defending champs

Ohio State
Mr. Umberger:
We're not missing you one bit
Yours truly, the Bucks

The Badgers are back
Save money on the trip; kids
eat free at Denny's

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