April 13, 2004
Nine lies overheard in Boston

"I’m glad the rafters aren’t cluttered up with all of those gaudy Boston championship banners and retired numbers."

• "The hotel? Oh yeah, you’ll have no problem driving there from here."

• "The next stop on the Freedom Trail is the birthplace of Jack Parker."

• "It's a shame that there's never anything to do on Friday night of the Frozen Four."

• "Well, Parise didn't win the Hobey, but those Sioux fans sure are gracious in defeat."

• "It's a good thing Gwozdecky had his team work on defending the 6-on-3 at the end of every practice."

• "Those guys from the UMD Penalty Box don't know how to have any fun, do they?"

• "Ohh, it was LSU ... I was wondering who won the 1996 baseball championship."

• "That INCH get-together should be a quiet, low-key affair."

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