November 22, 2004
Twelve Things We're Thankful For

• The unmistakable 'tink!' of a puck hitting the post.

• Being one of 50 visiting fans in a hostile opposing rink when your team wins a big game against a rival.

• Watching a high school or junior game, and noticing the flock of college and pro scouts sitting together in one corner with their notebooks and their coffee.

• Shinny on outdoor ice on a cold winter night, with a case of beer wedged in a nearby snowbank.

• Mini-mite exhibitions during intermission.

• Wood sticks.

• The return of the Skating Friar.

• The opportunity to tell curious NHL fans just how great our game can be.

• Getting the "on the record" post-game word from a coach outside the locker room, then getting the real story from him 35 minutes later over beers.

• The classic overtime clips from five and 10 years ago shown at NCAA intermissions.

• That we still have friends who fought the good fight and won, like Norm Bazin and Wendy Sandelin, and that we got to know friends who fought the good fight and came up short, like Shawn Walsh and Herb Brooks.

• Seeing a coach's young son give Dad a big hug outside the locker room after a big win.

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