March 21, 2005
Seventeen 2005 Tournament-inspired haikus

Columbus soon to
be Hockeytown; Darren Pang
in, Kirk Herbstreit out

Bemidji State
The best Cook in East
is Beavers’ Brendan, not guy
in a funny hat.

Boston College
Double your pleasure!
Saturday, won league title
and nobody hurt.

Boston University
Tournament side bet:
Over-under on crowd shots
of Chris Bourque's old man

Beat CC, set up
Badgers or Wolves revenge game,
last two tourney Ls

Colorado College
With Sterling, Sertich
and defenseman Mark Stuart,
the Tigers kick 'S'

Red face OSU,
shutout victims last two years.
Over-under? One.

People still griping
about Pies winning last year.
Team says, "See our rings?"

Go play in Europe,
Or coach Dov Grumet-Morris?
Smart guy, Donato.

Maine-Gophers first round.
Black Bears hope to call contest
“Pete Metcalf's revenge”

We welcome Lakers,
because nobody can say
“Quinnipiac” right.

Win or lose, Coach Red's
post-game quotes read straight out of
Cliches 101

Whither the Gophers?
Turmoil is thy middle name.
Bring back Jon Waibel

New Hampshire
April not Cats’ time,
but just maybe it will be
on this Callander.

North Dakota
Fighting Sioux were once
floundering on the prairie
but Parise saves

Ohio State
This much is certain:
Buckeyes know two weeks from now
they'll be in C-bus

What's with the Badgers?
Team as predictable as
that Courtney Love chick

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