November 23, 2005
Twleve Things We're Thankful For

• Discovering a great college sweater on eBay.

• The buzz that builds through a rink when a rival's score flashes on the corner scoreboard.

• Miami's Goggin Ice Arena, and intermission walks through the crowd.

• An elbows-down, from-the-front, open-ice hit that doesn't have you instinctively looking to the ref to see if there was a call.

• College hockey on the dish.

• Suddenly remembering the answer to that previously unanswerable trivia question your buddy posed midway through the first period.

• Those rare games — Sunday afternoons, Tuesday evenings — that make the week go just a little faster.

• Watching your team successfully kill a 5-on-3 power play.

• Bartenders who don't look at you like you've got two heads when you ask for channel 641.

• Chuck-a-Puck.

• A weekend on campus during which you can catch hockey games on Friday and Saturday nights and a football game on Saturday afternoon.

• Being at the rink the night a fourth-line, walk-on forward scores his first career goal.

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