March 21, 2006
Seventeen 2006 Tournament-inspired haikus

Bradley is the goal.
Teams eye titles; we’re about
bratwursts and Millers.

Bemidji State
Winning CHA
gets Beavers into tourney.
Hope league keeps AQ.

Boston College
Since ACC has
BC, fans think Chris Collins
Is ex-Duke point guard

Boston University
Dave Van der Gulik
enjoying his best year since
leaving Dawson’s Creek.

Colorado College
Always in this thing,
Ends with loss in most cases,
UNH out West

Now used to scare refs,
Schaf's face was once used as mold
for Cabbage Patch Kids

Goals come in bunches
Coach Teddy D's Harvard club
thinks it's '89

Holy Cross
Why stay in Worcester?
Fly west and beat the Gophers
8-7, OT

Maine’s Harvard game plan:
Don’t get down three to nothing.
But if so, okay.

Hope co-eds follow.
RedHawk fans will make Worcester
easy on the eyes.

Milwaukee Frozen
reminds us of UM’s hope:
“Best team may not win.”

Michigan State
Seriously, how
can they not reach Milwaukee?
Captain is Miller.

Governor signs bill
To spell state "Minnesoda"
Provide Gophs with 'D'

Mavs earn first bid; no
one notices – focus on
'Huskers spring football

New Hampshire
Don’t know how ’Cats win
But they’ll lose if seven guys
Violate team rules

North Dakota
Logo "hostile", should
Sioux wear sweaters that look like
generic beer can?

Memo to students
if you riot: Do not mess
with Nitty Gritty

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