October 16, 2006
The Other Side of the Napkin - Ten Thoughts From a College Hockey Goal Judge

• "Do fans think I have an actual role at these games?"

"Will it really matter if I make a mistake and turn on the light when the puck was deflected into the second deck?"

• "Whoa ... did you see those hot chicks in section 3?"

• "I still can't believe I'm not reffing in this league and these stiffs are."

"Game stipend, two season tickets, free parking, free pre-game meal and a great seat with nothing to do ... man, what a scam!"

"If the referee actually calls to talk to me, will he ask me about the goal or the quickest way to State Street?"

• "How come the official scorer doesn't ask me about the four phantom second assists he gave out tonight?"

"I wonder if guys at other rinks ever slip when turning on the light because they've got too much popcorn butter on their fingers?"

"I think I may have to wear this blazer to church on Sunday."

"Boy the post was off for three minutes, but who am I to say? I just want to get to intermission so I can play chuck-a-puck."

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