November 20, 2006
Twelve Things We're Thankful For

• Seemingly meaningless traditions that fans of other teams don't understand, but mean so much at our local rinks and alma maters.

• The NHL Draft, for validation that the talent in college hockey is as strong as we believe it is ...

• ... and the hidden gems whose names aren't called at the draft and just work that much harder.

• Third-string goalies, preferably seniors, who make their first start and get a win.

• Knowing that we're not the only ones waiting for a box score to be posted, while we refresh our internet browsers.

• A good, prolonged cycle down low in the offensive zone, and fans who appreciate the effort.

• The laid-back atmosphere during Friday's practices at the Frozen Four, and realizing just how much fun the players can have on the eve of one of the most important hockey games in their careers.

• Rinks named after former coaches and players, not cell phone companies or financial institutions.

• That tangible, yet unexplainable, hockey factor known as "jump."

• The unbeatable sensation of walking into an ice rink and feeling

• The simple, all-encompassing beauty of a line chart.

• The opportunity to catch a puck that caromed out of play, and even moreso, the chance to give it to a kid sitting nearby.

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