March 19, 2007
Seventeen 2007 NCAA Tournament-Inspired Haikus

Pucks/suds tour rolls on
Milwaukee first; Now St. Loo
Denver, Coors next year

Air Force
The wild blue yonder?
No sweat for these guys; Gophers
another matter.

Nice swan song for Ross.
Coach ’Bama when Nick Saban
goes back to the pros?

Boston College
Boyle never did fit
at forward for the Eagles.
Twelve inches too tall.

Boston University
Curry gets P.O.'ed
about no goal support; scores
on end-to-end rush.

North Country plays on.
Ivy revival was, like,
so 2005.

Bears have history.
UMass team across the hall
has four recent wins.

Led by Quick and Quirk,
we wanted to see UMass
play Quinnipiac.

Win or go home is
playoff mantra; RedHawks don't
lose in either case.

If Woverines lose
in Denver, Hensick can sign
with Avs, like, pronto.

Michigan State
BU-State first-round
matchup not very sexy;
elicits a yawn.

Over/under on
times Gophers are asked about
Holy Cross: One mil

New Hampshire
‘Cats are forgotten.
Sign of spring in Granite State.
Well, that and the mud.

North Dakota
We joke about chips
on NoDak's shoulders, but a
three seed? Complete bull!

Notre Dame
Jesus and Regis,
ND's two biggest fans roll
with God and Ripa

St. Cloud State
Zero victories
describes Husky history.
Or was it just Dahl?

St. Lawrence
Benevolent SLU
Patron Saints of free hockey
Expect overtime

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