September 24, 2007
10 Ways the World Would Be Different if INCH Didn't Exist

• Our wives would stop intentionally downloading viruses to our computers at home.

• We could show our faces in North Dakota without fear of reprisal.

• Our napkin scribblings would be done on actual paper.

• Adam Hauser wouldn't get that six-figure royalty check from us for using his name so often.

• Computers would run faster without hour-long podcasts clogging the internet.

• Would've spent more time working on our other site, Inside Hummel Figurines.

• Would have never perfected our balance of being biased against both the East and the West.

• Would never have known that Buffalo, Boston, Columbus, Milwaukee and St. Louis look remarkably similar at 3:30 a.m. on an April Saturday.

• We never would have known about University of Phoenix or great places to check your credit score.

• Where else would you get sports news combined with biting pop-culture commentary? Oh yeah ... everywhere.

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