November 26, 2007
10 Things Overheard During Saturday's BU-Cornell Game at Madison Square Garden

• "Ten bucks a beer? OK, I'll limit myself to seven."

• "College hockey? Man, they'll do anything to keep the Knicks out of the building."

• "Here are 38 guys who've played more regular-season games in this building than Hugh Jessiman."

• "It technically holds 18,000 for hockey, but 2,000 of those seats are reserved for Glen Sather's ego."

• "No problem parking — I left my car with the valet. Whaddaya mean there's no valet?"

• "Surprised? Sure ... it's been a few years since a team from Boston played a solid hockey game in this building."

• "World's most famous arena? Pfft ... it's just a really big Schneider."

• "What a thrill it must be for these kids to play on the same rink where Jagr goes through the motions 40 nights a year."

• "I didn't know the naming rights for this place were purchased by that chemical found in Chinese food."

• "Potvin sucks!"

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