August 18, 2005
Kennesaw Announcement Expected Soon

By James Jahnke

Kennesaw State isn’t a member of the college hockey family yet, but it almost certainly will be within the next month.

College Hockey America commissioner Bob Peters was in Georgia for several days earlier this week to meet with KSU officials about the school joining the conference for the 2006-07 season. Both sides termed it a productive meeting, and KSU is expected to announce the formation of a varsity hockey program in early September.

Kennesaw State At A Glance
Location: Kennesaw, Ga.
Enrollment: 17,500
Founded: 1963
Nickname: Owls
Web site:
Affiliation: Moving from NCAA Division II to Division I in 2005-06
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“We’re in the final stages of decision making—the firming up stage,”
Kennesaw State athletic director Dave Waples said. “We think this is a tremendous opportunity, and we’d like to do it as soon as possible. There are just some loose ends we need to finalize.”

One of the loose ends is putting together a final budget proposal for approval by KSU president Betty Siegel. The financial plan then would be presented to the Georgia Board of Regents at its Sept. 6-7 meeting. The board is only expected to review the initiative, not vote upon it.

Shortly thereafter, the Owls should become the sixth team in the CHA and the 60th school with Division I hockey.

“We want to make sure the business plan is in the best interest of our athletic department,” Waples said, “and we think it is going to be. We’re moving forward on it. It’s on the front burner.”

This week’s junket was the first time Peters had met face to face with KSU’s hierarchy. He is believed to have expressed the need for the university to make a decision in a timely matter because schedules must be made and coaches must be hired.

Peters said KSU has asked him not to comment directly on the school’s hockey plans, but he did call his trip “a pleasant visit” and said “a lot of nice things” have happened.

“It takes time to know that all of your bases are covered,” Peters said. “We certainly understand that.”

The CHA needs a team to replace Air Force, which is moving into Atlantic Hockey after this season and will drop the conference below the NCAA’s minimum enrollment for an automatic bid to the national tournament.

KSU will cash in on the league’s new recruitment plan, which offers several hundred thousand dollars worth of incentives to prospective members. When they start up, the Owls are expected to play many of their home games in Atlanta’s Philips Arena, home of the Thrashers and Hawks, either before or after Thrashers games.

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