June 26, 2004
2004 NHL Draft: Second and Third Rounds

RALEIGH, N.C. Inside College Hockey is reporting from the draft floor here in Raleigh, where dozens of college hockey players expect to hear their names called over the weekend. Below you'll find the second- and third-round college picks, along with comments from the prospect (where available).

We've also got our list of the seven college players selected in the first round. For the complete list of picks, including major junior and European players, visit ESPN.com.


NHL Team

Player (College)




Washington Capitals

Chris Bourque
(Boston University)

"I'm not looking to be my dad. I'm my own person."


New York Rangers

Darin Olver
(Northern Michigan)

"My game is speed. I'm fast, I'm a playmaker. I'm obviously not the biggest guy so I get thrown around a bit, but I try to use my speed to get around those guys."


Atlanta Thrashers

Grant Lewis (Dartmouth)

"I think [the ECAC] is seen as one of the weaker leagues in college hockey, but it's getting better. Dartmouth has been tremendous for me. My coaches have made a huge impact on my game."


Columbus Blue Jackets

Adam Pineault (Boston College)



Dallas Stars

Raymond Sawada (Cornell)



Florida Panthers

David Booth (Michigan State)

"Our goal this year is to win the national championship. With the guys we have coming back, this will be the year for us to do it."


Colorado Avalanche

Victor Oreskovich (Notre Dame)



Edmonton Oilers

Geoff Paukovich (Denver)

"[Denver] is everything I could ask for as a recruit. With Edmonton, and their track record with letting college players progress and giving them a chance, I feel really comfortable with them as well."


Pittsburgh Penguins

Alex Goligoski (Minnesota)




Pittsburgh Penguins

Nick Johnson (Dartmouth)



Carolina Hurricanes

Casey Borer (St. Cloud State)

"In the beginning I knew a couple of guys who went in the first round, and I was happy for them. But it was kind of dragging on. I'm glad I got taken today."


Anaheim Mighty Ducks

Kyle Klubertanz (Wisconsin)

"I'm going to go in [to Wisconsin] and be an offensive guy. Hopefully I'm able to move the puck, and run the power play if they need me."
77. Ottawa Senators

Shawn Weller (Clarkson)

"My advisor said to me and my parents, 'This guy must be pretty good, they just traded Radek Bonk for him.' Then they called my name." 


New York Rangers

Billy Ryan (Maine)

"Usually when kids come out of [Maine], they are trained in all three zones. I know I have to work on my defensive game, and once I do that hopefully I can step right in with the New York Rangers."
92. Philadelphia Flyers

Rob Bellamy (Maine)



Los Angeles Kings

Paul Baier (Brown)


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