February 12. 2005
ESPN.com's 'The Show': INCH Overtime

As hard as we try, it's virtually impossible to address every question we receive during our weekly half-hour of college hockey chat on ESPN.com's 'The Show'. So we thought, why not take the best submissions that didn't get answered and post responses on INCH?

The result is INCH Overtime. When warrented, we'll tackle everything that we didn't quite get to during 'The Show.' We see it as a win-win: your question gets answered, and we get talk hockey in a less formal setting.

Below you'll find what we had left in the mailbag after we wrapped our Feb. 10 chat.

Do you think Bowling Green has a chance of stealing a couple of points here in Columbus against OSU this weekend? Jon (Columbus, Ohio)

Nate Ewell: Any team with Jordan Sigalet has a great chance to steal a couple of points. What should help the Falcons, too, is that they come in with a bit of confidence, riding a four-game unbeaten streak after a bit of a tough stretch. The teams they’ve played in that stretch haven’t been as strong as Ohio State, of course, but BG will still have a good shot.

Mike Eidelbes: Bowling Green has thrived in recent weeks because of remarkable offensive balance. Everyone is pitching in. In that respect, OSU and BG are very similar.

How about a little northern love. My Nanooks have done a lot better than I expected with such a young team and rookie coach. what do they need to do against MSU this weekend and what are their chances of getting home ice in the CCHA playoffs James (Fairbanks, AK)

Nate Ewell: When the Nanooks play good defense, like they did Saturday at Northern, they’re a dangerous team. They get a good chance to do that this weekend against an MSU team that has struggled to score goals. Home ice may be tough, since MSU and Lake Superior State have games in hand, but with games against MSU and Miami remaining, UAF controls its destiny.

But to follow up on your first statement, they definitely deserve credit. They’ve got some talented freshmen on that team and should only improve in the next couple of years.

Mike Eidelbes: To follow up on Nate’s comments, I think UAF might be able to capitalize on MSU’s letdown following last week’s emotional ties against Michigan. If you saw either of those games, you know that they were more like wins for the Spartans and felt like losses to the Wolverines.

What was your opinion of Boston College's #1 ranked hockey team losing in the Beanpot on Monday night to Boston University, and then not even 24 hours later, seeing Boston College's undefeated basketball team lose to Notre Dame on Tuesday night? TG (Boston)

Nate Ewell: We predicted that. The Irish handed the hockey team its first loss, too.

Maybe it’s time for the BC basketball team to switch leagues so they don’t have to play ND anymore.

Looking at Jim Slater's (MSU) numbers, why has his numbers fallen off (esp. +/-), and how do you see him fitting in with the Thrashers and the NHL? Nak (Pittsburgh)

Mike Eidelbes: II’ll take the second question first. In my opinion, Jim is an NHL-caliber player, but he’ll likely be a checking center rather than a scorer. His biggest asset is his strength, and he uses his muscle effectively.

As far as his offensive output this season, he’s still scoring better than a point a game…you’ve got to take into account his slow start and the drop-off in production of linemates Mike Lalonde and Tom Goebel, who have 22 points between them. Slater’s plus-minus rating is a little deceiving – he fell into a deep hole early in the year and was something like -12, so to be at -7 right now is a pretty strong recovery for a guy whose team plays so many tight-scoring games.

How do my WI Badgers match up against DU? Any predictions? Matt (Denver, CO)

Nate Ewell: Sounds like you’re in enemy territory, Matt. These are two very talented, very well coached teams. I like the way Denver can win any type of game, it seems, and home-ice may give them an edge – if you believe home-ice is still an advantage in the WCHA. All things considered, this has all the makings of a split.

How’s that for a weasely answer?

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