August 29, 2005

Lake Superior State
Jr. | F | Blind River, Ontario

New LSSU head coach Jim Roque says Rainville is the Lakers' most creative offensive player.


Key Statistics: In two seasons with the Lakers, Rainville has scored a total of 17 points. In his final year of juniors, he led the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League with 110 points (56 goals, 54 assists).

What He Does: New coach Jim Roque says Rainville is by far his team's most creative offensive player. His scoring opportunities have been minimal in his first two years with the Lakers due to the team's system—specifically, the reluctance to attack offensively and forecheck aggressively. Granted, the LSSU offense won't look like an NHL All-Star Game, but Roque says he'll allow players such as Rainville greater freedom to pressure foes in their own end and create scoring chances.

The Bigger Picture: The Lakers were a better team than last year's 9-22-7 record indicated, but offensive production was an issue. Only six Division I teams averaged fewer goals per game than LSSU, and their record in one-goal games was 5-10. Roque plans on sticking with Rainville—keeping him on the power play, encouraging him to generate scoring chances—even if he gets off to a slow start. In return, he expects Rainville to play with confidence and take advantage of the opportunity.

Lake Superior State coach Jim Roque on Rainville: "There's no doubt in my mind that if he can get some confidence early on, he's going to take off. If he has a big year, we have a big year."

— Mike Eidelbes

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