September 4, 2005

Sr. | F | Ithaca, N.Y.


Key Statistics: Uber has shown steady improvement in three seasons in Storrs, and after an eight-point freshman season, he’s been the No. 3 scorer for the Huskies each of the past two years. He posted nine goals and 15 assists (24 points) last year, giving him 57 career points.

What He Does: Head coach Bruce Marshall might call Chris Uber an über-captain, because he fits the demands of the role so well. If only the pronunciation fit (Chris is “Yoo-ber”). From winning faceoffs to maintaining his teammates’ focus in the locker room, Uber has earned Marshall’s trust in every facet of the game.

The Bigger Picture: The Huskies were one of the youngest teams in college hockey last season, with 20 freshmen or sophomores, so a step up from last year’s sixth-place finish in Atlantic Hockey is definitely possible with those players’ additional year of experience. Uber’s leadership will be crucial, and his offensive contributions may be moreso. The graduation of the Huskies’ most dangerous player, Tim Olsen, will require a boost in production from a number of players, and Uber’s steady improvement over the previous three years suggests that he could be a prime candidate to elevate his scoring totals. Marshall says he won’t ask Uber to do too much, but he’ll have every opportunity to provide offense.

UConn head coach Bruce Marshall on Uber: “He’s a smart hockey player who understands his role. He’s an extremely strong centerman and a very respectful kid, a very serious kid. He brings a lot of different assets to our team.”

— Nate Ewell

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