February 13-March 13, 2005
History's Favorite Hobey: Neal Broten

The Finals
The Ultimate Hobey Hat Trick
Winner: Neal Broten
The Semifinals
Narrow the field to the Ultimate Hobey Hat Trick
Winners: Neal Broten, Paul Kariya, Brendan Morrison
The first-round brackets
The Golden Gopher Bracket
Winner: Neal Broten
The Bulldog Bracket
Winner: Junior Lessard
The Shawn Walsh Memorial Bracket
Winner: Paul Kariya
The Family Guys Bracket
Winner: Ryan Miller
The Beanpot Bracket
Winner: Chris Drury
The Norris Division
Winner: Brendan Morrison

On the 25th anniversary of college hockey's highest individual honor, Inside College Hockey asked for your help to determine History's Favorite Hobey. Turns out, the selection committee had it right from the get-go.

Nearly half of the more than 1,100 fans voting in our final round picked Neal Broten, the first recipient of the award, as History's Favorite Hobey. The Gopher forward and 1980 Olympian was one of four Minnesota players to win the Hobey.

To the right, you can follow Broten's path to the crown. Below is our introduction to the tournament:

Think of how difficult it is to pick the winner of the Hobey Baker Memorial Award each season. Even when the field is narrowed to ten – and then three – candidates, the players still possess a litany of reasons supporting their claim as the college hockey’s top individual performer.

Now, INCH takes that premise one step further, asking our readers to pick the best of the best as part of the History’s Favorite Hobey poll. As the Hobey Baker Award celebrates its 25th year, we want you to decide which of the two dozen previous winners stands as the your favorite all-time Hobey winner.

Want another way to celebrate Hobey's 25th anniversary? Visit hobeybaker.com and order your commemorative 25th anniversary print, or order Hobey Baker: American Legend from the Princeton University Store!

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