September 19, 2004
Recruiting Trail: INCH's 2004 All-Name Team

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We've told you who in this year's freshman class will make an impact on the ice. But who, just by their name appearing in a box score, will bring a smile to our faces? Who is prepared to carry the torch previously held by the likes of Spanky Leonard, Reid Goolsby and Jake "Couldn't Cut it in the Mexican League" Taylor?

Make no mistake, a high standard has been set. But we think the members of INCH's 2004 Recruiting All-Name Team might just have the stuff to carry on that legacy. You'll find their names, with comments, below.



School, Pos.

Nick Bet

Robert Morris, F

And you thought they were tough on Jeremy Bloom. Before Nick even arrived on campus, the NCAA was investigating illegal gambling activities.

Aaron Brocklehurst

St. Cloud State, D

So that explains all the voluntary groundwater cleanup by corporations based in central Minnesota...

Kris Chucko

Minnesota, F

Answer to the question, "What happens when Kris rides the tilt-a-whirl 13 times in a row?"

Wes Clark

Maine, F

If you think this is the first time a failed presidential bid has led a candidate to a hockey career at Maine, you’ve obviously forgotten Eric Weinrich’s brief challenge of President Reagan in 1984.

Torren Del Forte

Union, F

Did you know that Tierra del Fuego is the southern-most city in the world? No idea what made us think of that …

Nick Dodge

Clarkson, F

This thing’s got a hemi.

Boomer Ewing

Boston University, F

What you get when you cross a blonde, left-handed quarterback with the sweatiest player in NBA history.

Brandon Gawryletz or Travis Gawryletz

Alaska Fairbanks, D, or Minnesota Duluth, D

Weren't one of these the guy the limo driver was supposed to pick up in that old Bud Light commercial?

Sasha Grenier-Pokuluk

Cornell, D

The unfortunate result of a sociology experiment: will anybody notice that you named your son “Sasha” if your last name is “Grenier-Pokuluk”?

Chad Kolarik

Michigan, F

'Do you like Pina Kolarik...and getting caught in the rain?'

David Leggio

Clarkson, G

Coach Roll thought he'd make a good building block after the Golden Knights missed out on Jim Lincoln Log.

Jonathan Matsumoto

Bowling Green, F

Better known by his TV name, Iron Chef.

Jeff Oke

Lake Superior State, F

The Lakers are a perfect fit for Jeff. Where else are they going to celebrate the arrival of an o.k. player?

Stavros Paskaris

Wayne State, F

He's the focal point of the Warriors' new special teams unit, My Big Fat Greek Power Play.

Dan Peace

Rensselaer, F

The activists on the Engineer campus are already calling for Coach Fridgen to give this kid a chance.

Peder Skinner

Michigan State, F

Either a Spartan forward, or an affliction that requires a trip to the emergency room.

Eric Toonders

American International, D

Loved his work as the driving cat on 'SNL'.

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