November 15, 2002
Clarkson President Denny Brown's written statement

Mark Morris is no longer the head hockey coach at Clarkson University. The University terminated his employment today.

When the University heard of a Saturday, November 2, incident that involved Mr. Morris’ use of physical force and threatening conduct toward a Clarkson player, it recognized that the situation merited serious examination.

The University initiated a thorough investigation, utilizing the services of an independent interviewer, in order to determine an appropriate response to the incident. Mr. Morris refused to participate in the investigation, despite repeated attempts by the University to secure his cooperation.

The facts collected from other witnesses to the incident indicated clear evidence of conduct by Mr. Morris that was inappropriate for a Clarkson faculty or staff member. This, coupled with Mr. Morris’ unwillingness to participate in the process, left the University with no choice but to terminate his employment.

This has been a trying time for the hockey team and the coaches. They have demonstrated great character by focusing on their games. We are confident that the team will pull together and move forward to have a successful season.

In the meantime, Fred Parker has been appointed interim head coach; Jason Lammers, assistant coach, will be joined by another assistant coach. The University will begin a national search for a permanent head coach at a later date.

Story: Morris fired as Clarkson head coach

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