March 24, 2008
17 NCAA Tournament-Inspired Haikus (2008)

Denver is the goal
Advancing quartet known as
The Mile High Club

Air Force
Springs World Arena
is a 20-minute drive
Sorry. Worcester-bound

Boston College
Mullet in Worcester,
but Boyle graduated.
Melrose needs topics.

Playoff loss to 'Gate
Cost Knights an Albany trip?
Not in the long run.

Colorado College
Bachmann gets honors
But don't forget that CC
Can give you Rau deal

Quickest parade route?
From Pepsi rink, go south on
Freeway to campus

Now more than ever,
"Talent" in Oxford is found
on ice and in stands.

It's Porter's Hobey.
Does the best team always win?
Paging Morrison.

Michigan State
Spartan fans happy
that John L Smith was fired
instead of Comley

Memo to Garth Snow:
You're great at developing
a non-playoff team

Minnesota State
Feels great to be here;
Had a great year, deserve it
Hang on, what the eff?

New Hampshire
Slapshot tie well known
Wonder if Joe Charlebois
Billy's relative

"I've got the power!"
Purps' PP; cheesy rap song
Get kinda hectic

North Dakota
Sioux in Madison
Bucky makes a heartfelt plea:
"Finley, stay away!"

Notre Dame
Holy Week just passed
Phrase describes Irish offense
'Cause it's wholly weak

Guy walks into bar
"Good luck in Madison, coach"
the bartender said

St. Cloud State
Nodl, Lasch, and Roe
Makes a better haiku fit
Than does Brocklehurst

Not us, the system,
Badgers tell their detractors
Still, can't shine a turd

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